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The Athletic Training Program at Cerritos College is located in the Kinesiology Division and promotes the opportunity for students to maintain a healthy and well-balanced life by participating in a variety of activities. Those activities include fitness/wellness, individual and team sports, dance, Adaptive Physical Education and other activities. All are designed to improve health, fitness, movement and creative expression.

The Cerritos College Athletic Training Department provides medical coverage and services for all intercollegiate athletes and its 19 intercollegiate athletics teams. The function of the athletic training facility is for the prevention, care, and rehabilitation of injuries to student-athletes. These services may include injury evaluation, first aid treatment, taping, applying protective equipment, rehabilitation exercises, flexibility training, etc.

The mission of the Cerritos College Athletic Training staff is to provide the ultimate level of care of the student-athlete. We are committed to the total well-being of the student-athlete. We strive to provide the highest quality of care within the limits of our resources, maximizing the playing time and quality of performance in any given venue. We serve as liaisons between athletes, coaches, doctors, parents, and administrators. The athletic training staff will operate within the policies outlined in the Cerritos College Athletic Training Policy and Procedure Manual, the CCCAA Sports Constitution and Bylaws, and the NATA Position Statements.

The athletic training room staff is comprised of certified athletic trainers (ATC) who have passed a national board of certification. They are assisted by a group of pre-professional students and are overseen by a Licensed Physician.

Athletic Training baccalaureate programs are transitioning into entry master’s level programs. All programs must be master’s level by 2022. Some local programs have already made the transition. To learn more about the status of a program or to see a list of local programs, please visit the CAATE (Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education) website at

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