Football Single-Game Records

Most Rushing Yards in a Game Rhamondre Stevenson 339 Long Beach City (2018)
Most Rushing Touchdowns in a Game Jackie Johnson 5 San Diego Mesa (1983)
Most Passing Yards in a Game Dean Grosfeld 388 Mt. San Antonio (1991)
Most Passing Touchdowns in a Game BJ Denker 6 Long Beach City (2011)
Most Passing Attempts in a Game Mike Harrison 60 Mt. San Antonio (2001)
Most Pass Completions in a Game TJ McMahon 29 San Diego Mesa (2019)
Most Receptions in a Game C.J. Parks 13 Fullerton (2019)
Most Receiving Yards in a Game Cliff Parks 234 Mt. San Antonio (1991)
Most Touchdown Receptions in a Game De'Jai Whitaker 4 College of the Canyons (2015)
  Sean Willis 4 Mt. San Antonio (1987)
Most Punt Returns in a Game Damion Watson 8 San Diego Mesa (1993)
Most Punt Return Yards in a Game Dion Curry 117 Santa Monica (2009)
Longest Punt Return in a Game Jerry Smith 90 Grossmont (2013)
Most Kickoff Returns in a Game Dion Curry 6 Mt. San Antonio (2010)
  Anthony Oliver 6 Mt. San Antonio (2004)
  Brian Porter 6 Fullerton (1989)
Most Kickoff Return Yards in a Game Rickey Reyes 202 Moorpark (2005)
Longest Kickoff Return in a Game Chris Chatman 100 College of the Canyons (2001)
  T.J. Houshmandzadeh 100 Orange Coast (1998)
  T.J. Houshmandzadeh 100 Mt. San Antonio (1997)
  Corey Kelley 100 Mt. San Antonio (1994)
Longest Field Goal in a Game Robert Barone 53 Mt. San Antonio (1983)
Most Punts in a Game Angel Sanchez 11 Mt. San Antonio (2010)
  Greg Overaauw 11 Long Beach City (1986)
  Jeff Barr 11 Fullerton (1981)
Longest Punt in a Game Scott Livingston 76 Grossmont (1982)
Most Tackles in a Game Damon Moore 27 El Camino (1986)
Most Quarterback Sacks in a Game David Lopez 4 El Camino (2010)
  Oscar Burgueno 4 El Camino (1996)
Most Interceptions in a Game Ray Ross 3 Palomar (1999)
  Ray Ross 3 Golden West (1999)
  Mark Hays 3 Palomar (1996)
  Casey Mazzotta 3 San Diego Mesa (1990)
  Rick Castillo 3 Pasadena City (1986)
  Gary McCredie 3 Santa Ana (1978)
Longest Run From Scrimmage Andre Wooten 91 Golden West (1986)
Longest Pass Play From Scrimmage Quentin Davis to Stacy Chukwumezie 95 Palomar (2017)
Longest Interception Return Willie Fletcher 99 Fullerton (2013)
Most Field Goals in a Game Claudio Balboa 4 San Diego Mesa (1985)
  Tom Martin 4 Mt. San Antonio (1978)