W. Wrestling: Inaugural season starts with dual meet split

Cerritos women's wrestling splits first two dual meets
Cerritos women's wrestling splits first two dual meets

In their first-ever competition, the Cerritos College women's wrestling team split their two dual meets on Friday at Downey High. The Falcons (1-1) opened with a 42-12 loss to Menlo College and then followed that with a 33-25 victory over Vanguard University, who is also starting their first season this year. On Saturday, the team will host the Cerritos Women's Freestyle Open, which begins at 10:00 a.m. in the Student Center.


101 Pounds - Kayla McKinley-Johnson (Menlo) pinned Jessica Hong (Cerritos), :27
109 Pounds - Barbara Greenberg (Menlo) def. Lucy Guadarrama (Cerritos), 9-8
116 Pounds - Alejandra Corral (Menlo) tech fall over Alyssa Rodriguez (Cerritos), 13-0
123 Pounds - Haley Narahara (Menlo) tech fall over Jewelysa Funakoshi (Cerritos), 10-0
130 Pounds - Louisa Schwab (Menlo) tech fall over Andrea Gonzales (Cerritos), 10-0
143 Pounds - Daniela Romo (Menlo) pinned Isabel Guerrero (Cerritos), :27
155 Pounds - Aine Drury (Cerritos) pinned Alexandra Lopez (Menlo), :47
170 Pounds - Nile Jernigan (Cerritos) tech fall over Nikita Dhaliwal (Menlo), 11-0)
191 Pounds - Tavia Heidelberg-Tillotson (Menlo) pinned Isabella Pacheco (Cerritos), :44
220 Pounds - No match


101 Pounds - Jessica Hong (Cerritos) win by forfeit
109 Pounds - Lucy Guadarrama tech fall over Norma Chan (Vanguard), 12-2
116 Pounds - Alyssa Rodriguez (Cerritos) tech fall over Julie Garcia (Canguard), 10-0
123 Pounds - Jewelysa Funakoshi (Cerritos) tech fall over Jade Cabrera (Vanguard), 12-2
130 Pounds - Savannah Guzman (Vanguard) pinned Andrea Gonzales (Cerritos), 1:36
136 Pounds - Kylee Wohwend (Vanguard) win by injury forfeit over Jaylene Martinez (Cerritos), 2:26
143 Pounds - Mariz Soliman (Vanguard) pinned Savannah Valle (Cerritos), :21
155 Pounds - Aine Drury (Cerritos) pinned Johanna Snider (Vanguard), :38
170 Pounds - Lily El-Masari (Vanguard) tech fall over Natalie Resendiz (Cerritos), 10-0
191 Pounds - Isabella Pacheco (Cerritos) win by forfeit
220 Pounds - No match held